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Welcome to Cappadocia Vocational College!

Founded in 2005, CVC (Cappadocia Vocational College) has become an important and successful model of vocational higher education in Turkey. Now, with its 25 programs, more than 2852 students and more than 123 teaching staff, CVC encompasses a wide spectrum of educational activity.

(CVC) is the first higher education institution established directly according to Turkey's economical development objectives through the efforts of İlke Education and Health Foundation (İlke Eğitim ve Sağlık Vakfı) whose members set their heart on Cappadocia. The founders of the foundation are volunteers of education who came together and directed their financial and other resources in order to transform the magnificent legacy of the Great Cappadocia into the fundamental dynamics of sustainable development and to resolve the problems of the region's people through education. Focusing on the quality and market-value of its education, CVC designs its curriculum in collaboration with official and private institutions and balances theoretical and practical education.

The main campus of CVC consists of historical and unique buildings which have been restored for educational purposes and offers a different experience to its students. As a member of the Erasmus program, we currently offer our education to international students who are eager to seek new and exciting venues.

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